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You shouldn’t have to choose between having a good time with your free time or spend more time with your loved ones and having a clean home to relax in. At least, that’s how we felt when we started Bairos Janitorial Service, Inc. many, many years ago and it’s what we continue to preach whenever someone is considering acquiring our residential cleaning services.

If you are tired of being left to pick and choose between having fun and having a clean home, get in touch with Bairos Janitorial Service, Inc. today. Our thorough, reliable and professional cleaners have received extensive training to make sure that they apply the proper techniques to make your home more sanitary, hygienic and healthy than ever before. Meeting your expectations isn’t good enough for our team, we aim to exceed them.

To get a free quote on our expert residential cleaning services, contact Bairos Janitorial Service, Inc. today.

Cleaning That Works for Your Schedule

One of the biggest reasons people in the area pursue our residential cleaning services is because it frees up time and we clean and disinfect everything. Without our thorough domestic cleaning services, things like your counters, doorknobs,light switches and floors could be breeding grounds for bacteria. Getting sick and having your life derailed by illness shouldn’t be a result of there only being 24 hours in a day.

If you had the time, there’s no question that you would disinfect every surface on a regular basis so that the risk of getting sick is next to nothing. Unfortunately, your schedule doesn’t allow you to provide the thorough cleans needed to get rid of harmful bacteria. Our schedule does.

When you acquire Bairos Janitorial Service, Inc.’s residential cleaning services, we can come clean up as often as you need us to. Simply let us know what you expect out of a residential cleaning service and we’ll provide you with a complimentary estimate for those services. From there, all you have to do is sit back, relax and reap the rewards of a more beautiful and comfortable home.

We Supply Our On Products

And while we can apply the traditional chemical products, more and more of our clients are requesting eco-friendly cleaning products. Eco-friendly cleaning products are just as effective in disinfecting your home but are less corrosive and aren’t as harsh on the air quality. So, if you want us to use these products, simply let us know.

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